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Create and explore procedural worlds without coding.

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Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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Example tilesets to get you started 605 kB
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Hi! Been looking forward to this for a while. A few major issues I experienced:

The payment screen passes through an odd super detailed payment process which asks for extra details for the EU. I think this can be changed in the config. Unusually I was charged 20% VAT.

The demo tilesets aren't downloading from the downloads page (even in alternative mode). EDIT: Seems refreshing the page allowed the tiles to download.

The file browser uses a minimal version of the windows file browser which made it difficult to find the downloads folder.

I tried to open a file and I think I got the wrong type, causing nothing to happen (I expected at least an error!).

On closing the application it remained running, using 97% of my CPU.

There are a few kinks to work out before I can recommend this software. It seems like it's still in an early alpha state.

Thank you so much for downloading and for this feedback!  I don’t have any control over the payment process unfortunately, but I’m glad you got through. I’ll work on the issues you reported and comment again when they’re addressed.

Thanks very much! Other people have asked me if there's a way to decide which tiles are matched together - and I can't see where it's decided. I was expecting maybe a JSON file? But perhaps it's about matching edges of the voxels.


The system automatically decides which tiles match by seeing if they match in color along their edges.  If you can put two tiles next to each other and all the cubes that are touching are the same color or empty, then those two tiles can be placed together.

Please tell anyone you talk to who’s using Generate Worlds to feel free to post comments here with questions.  I want to make sure people aren’t getting stuck and to improve things that are giving them trouble.

Excellent, thanks for your feedback. I will try again and report back on my findings!


I just updated generate worlds to address the two bugs you saw.  You should no longer see CPU usage after closing the application and an error message should appear if you try to load tiles from a folder with no .vox files in it.  Please download it again and give it a shot.  A future update will improve the file browsing window.

Excellent, thank you! Will try it and report back